Korean vs. American Makeup. Which is better?

Hello everyone! 

I'm working on a blog post in the differences between Korean makeup style vs American makeup style!

For now, please check out the youtube video as I worked pretty hard on it and hopefully interesting for you cutiepies! :D  I actually didn't even release it to the public as of now (will publish it later today). So wanted to give my special readers a first look on the video :D (you're special !) 

 I would love your feedback, comments, questions, or anything! So stop by on my youtube to say hello! Your comments really , really make my day by the way. No joke! It motivates me to keep making videos :')

link:  https://youtu.be/L0D7gQXpKsw


Thank you so much for reading and stopping by! I love ya'lls!

xoxo, Janie

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